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In a new statement, the Association of Teachers and Researchers of Qom expressed their concern for the threat against the revolution and asked the people to continue their movement.

These days, the great nation of Iran is facing immense calamities which shake the heart of any human being and freedom-lover.
The Islamic Revolution was to protect people’s rights, eliminate illegal and illegitimate prisons and torture…and for administer Islamic rules.
Today…the holy goals of the Islamic Revolution are under attack and some will not be satisfied with anything but destroying the achievements of the regime.
Every day we hear about martyrdom of one of this nation’s children and they announce this with total audacity…after a while, the dead bodies of detained people are delivered to their families.  Illegal prisons without basic amenities and humane standards have been created.
Everyday news of inhumane treatment and torture comes out.  They don’t allow burial of and mourning ceremonies for those killed and all of this is being done in the name of Islam, Quran and the guardianship of the jurist.
Great nation of Iran must know that the opinions of Friday prayer leaders or others, even if made in the name of religions centers, is not the opinion of all [honorable Ulema, Marjas (sources of imitation), and religious scholars.]  Rather, the hearts of the scholars are worried and sorrowful about recent events and will always be with the great nation of Iran and the suffering people.
People of Iran [should] continue their movement within the framework of the constitution and its principles that guarantee their freedom to assembly…

The Association of Teachers and Researchers of Qom end their statement with an advice to the authorities:

The earth will not be ruined but by the poverty of its inhabitants.  People become poor when the governors take property, are not certain of the survival of their own government and do not learn from experience.

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