October 16, 2009

Hardline propaganda website misrepresents MP

With a bow to our friends at EA, who regularly post the “shocking news of the day.”
From Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Facebook page:

Torabi, member of the minority fraction of the Parliament (reformist) and the representative of people of Shahr-e-Kurd), in an interview said that a new website had been launched by the pro-Ahmadinejad hardliners that although calls itself “the wave of law” (www.mojeghanoon.com) but is full of illegality.

He added that this website had published an interview with another member of the parliament but has put my photo for that report!

Torabi by pointing out that this website quoted the representative of the people of Semnan saying that Mousavi should be prosecuted; added that he has checked with several MPs and they all denied that they did any interview with this website.
Torabi stressed that the pro-Ahmadinejad propaganda is trying to set the scene against Mousavi therefore is publishing lies and false quotes from members of the parliament !
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