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August 28, 2009

Lobbyists Try to Buy Support for Ahmadinejad’s Cabinet

We have unconfirmed reports that Ahmadinejad “lobbyists” resorted to buying a lavish dinner for Members of Parliament at a luxury hotel for Iftar dinner last night. They were trying to shore up support for Ahmadinejad’s Cabinet picks. Here is Ayande News‘ report:

A number of “vote brokers” have recently discovered a new method of bringing about the votes of Majles Representatives.
In luxury hotels of Tehran, by inviting members of Majles and members of Ahmadinejad’s proposed Cabinet, the “vote brokers” have found a new opportunity for lobbying and brokering extensively for votes.
200 guests were present, amongst them a number of Ahmadinejad’s proposed Cabinet ministers and a number of MPs.
In this Iftar dinner ceremony, where the costs totaled approximately $4 million Iranian toman, vote brokers were lobbying between proposed Ministers and members of Majles, and through making various promises to the MPs they were preparing the situation for obtaining those MPs’ votes for the Cabinet members.
It is said that a government bank picked up the costs of this particular Shah-like dinner celebration.

Ahmadinejad’s Cabinet picks have run into considerable opposition even amongst his own support base. Earlier today, Khabar Online reported that members of a core pro-Ahmadinejad group in Majles said they would reject all 3 of Ahmadinejad’s female MPs, which would ensure the 3 female Ministers wouldn’t get a vote of confidence.

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