Mowjcamp is reporting that a student from Sharif University of Technology was apparently arrested in Iran after criticizing Ayatollah Khamenei at a public event. At least some of the comments were made while television cameras were broadcasting the event live.
The event, a meeting between the Supreme Leader and various academics, took place on Wednesday. According to the article posted on Mowjcamp,

The student directly addressed the leader criticising him and the Islamic Republic for twenty minutes. His comments were followed by occasional applause and cheers from those present. Iranian state-run TV which was broadcasting live images of the meeting was forced to stop airing the programme for some time.

Based on the information included in the article, it appears that the general thrust of the student’s twenty-minute address was that freedom of speech is under attack in Iran. Although, he also articulated dissatisfaction,

[with] what he described as a campaign to idolise the leader while questioning the “cycle of power” in the Islamic Republic and the structure of the Guardians Council and the Council of the Elite.

The report states that government security forces met the student as he was leaving the event.

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