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Political rivals Rafsanjani (left) and Ahmadinejad (right) sit with Sadegh Larijani between them

The powerful cleric and supporter of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Hashemi Rafsanjani, reappeared today to attend the inauguration of Sadegh Larijani as Judiciary Chief. With many opponents of Ahmadinejad currently being tried on charges of conspiring against the Iranian state, Rafsanjani nevertheless politely welcomed Ahmadinejad and respectfully rose as he entered the building, 68 minutes late.

Here’s the LA Times’ take:

Despite the apparent exchange of pleasantries, Ahmadinejad didn’t try to gloss over his differences with Rafsanjani.
“We should join hands to eliminate corruption … and respectfully act against those who institutionalize the culture of breaking the law in the society,” he said, according to state television. “If we can do this then acting against lower-ranking people is not a problem.”
Ahmadinejad and other officials in his government hurriedly exited the proceedings before Rafsanjani began to deliver his speech, according to the Mehr news agency, skipping the closing of the ceremony. The Iranian Labor News Agency said Ahmadinejad also arrived 68 minutes late to the ceremony.
The famous and well-connected Larijani clan despises Ahmadinejad as reckless, arrogant and coarse.
“Nobody should allow himself and dare to rule against the law to deny the citizens their rights,” Larijani said in his speech.
“Such [lawbreakers] should bear in mind that they will be brought to justice soon, and I will show no mercy to offenders in this important mission,” he added.
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