August 17, 2009

Iran wins the Asia Cup, not their people

Wang Zhizhi (L) of China defends during the final against Iran Despite an embarrassing failure by the Iranian National Soccer Team to qualify for the World Cup, the Iranian National Basketball team won the Asia Cup yesterday. They defeated the host country, China by 18 points to land the Asian basketball title, becoming a small source of pride for Iranians.
But, unlike soccer, wrestling, and volleyball, basketball simply doesn’t have the same appeal to Iranians. The plight of Iranian national soccer team has come to measure the successes and failures of the government if Iran. Many saw the Iranian soccer team’s misfortune as another letdown by an Ahmadinedjad-run government. When Iran wins a soccer match, men and women of all ages pour into the streets to celebrate, such was not the case yesterday. Although the basketball team won the Asia cup, they still haven’t won over the Iranian people.

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