February 3, 2010

Iran’s Space Jam

Press TV reports that Iran has launched a rocket capable of putting a satellite into space, this time equipped with living organisms. The worms, two turtles, and  rat were monitored by video transmission aboard Kavoshgar-3, and were studied by scientists upon their return to earth.

“Projects that we inaugurated are mostly on the very edge of modern technology… each one of them call for a national celebration,” Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday, while addressing a gathering of scientists and state officials.
“Those individuals whose contributions have made all this possible deserve praise,” he added.

CNN further reports that the White House believes the launch of  Kavoshgar- 3 or Explorer 3 to be a “provocative act,” raising international concern. Spokesperson Bill Burton said that the US is still verifying that all accounts of the launch are accurate.
Although Ahmadinejad is describing the aerospace launch as a symbol of hope for the region, the morning launch has sprung much international animosity.

“Developing a space launch vehicle that could … put a satellite into orbit could possibly lead to development of a ballistic missile system,” State Department deputy spokesman Robert Wood said at the time. “So that’s a grave concern to us.”

The Pentagon called the plan “clearly a concern of ours.”, while President Obama added “that it’s not too late for Iran to do the right thing.”

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