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Before even sitting down for talks with the P5+1 on Thursday, Iran is reportedly planning to allow IAEA inspections at the newly-revealed enrichment facility near Qom.
From PressTV:

Iran says it will soon inform the International Atomic Energy Agency of a timetable for inspection of its recently-announced nuclear facility.
Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi broke the news in an exclusive interview with Press TV late on Monday.
Iran has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that the new plant will produce enriched uranium of up to 5 percent, consistent with its nuclear energy program.
Salehi noted that the plant is under construction within the framework of the IAEA regulations, saying “Iran has taken all the precautionary steps to safeguard its nuclear facilities.”
The Iranian nuclear chief said the attacks and accusations leveled by the United States and its Western allies during last week’s summit of the G-20 in Pittsburgh were pre-planned.
He also accused the major powers of politicizing Iran’s nuclear activities.

Salehi’s claim had to have been met with laughter among Washington policymakers and the IAEA alike, given that the bedrock of nuclear “safeguards” is a stringent inspections regime.  Constructing a facility in secret and not declaring it open for IAEA inspectors can hardly be characterized as “taking all the precautionary steps.”

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