December 3, 2007

Topics we intend to cover

As our community matures in its collective political awareness, the most important ingredient to becoming effective in impacting the discourse among policy makers is to be well-informed.

At NIAC, we have decided to launch this blog mainly to provide you information and to engage in you in increased activism. I want to introduce the three individuals who will be posting most of the commentary and what they will be highlighting.

Follow me below to meet the editors of NIAC’s blog and to find out what type of stories we plan on sharing with you…



Emily Blout, Legislative Director: Emily currently leads NIAC’s efforts in meeting with members of Congress and discussing issues of importance to our community. She will be sharing her insights and analysis on where legislation stands regarding the potential for a US-Iran military conflict.

Sara Shokravi, Director of Programming: Sara organizes the briefings, conferences, and events that NIAC sponsors as well as coordinating our coverage of events organized by others related to issues of concern to our community. Beyond what appears in the articles we publish on a weekly basis, Sara will share some of her behind-the-scene insights as well as posting the next few weeks schedules.

Babak Talebi, Director of Community Relations: Babak is leading NIAC’s efforts to activate the Iranian American community at the local level. He will be posting regularly on how Iranian Americans can have the most impact on the electoral process and how they can effectively reach out and get the attention of their elected officials.


Please feel free to ask them questions by using the “comments” under each individual post.

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