About NIAC

The National Iranian American Council is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the voice of Iranian Americans and promoting greater understanding between the American and Iranian people. We accomplish our mission through expert research and analysis, civic and policy education, and community building.

As one of the most highly educated minority groups in the United States, Iranian Americans have achieved success on many levels – technological, scientific, academic and economic life – yet our community’s impact on civil society is a less impressive story. No time was this more evident than after September 11, when the Iranian-American community was nearly silent as the United States was confronted with profound issues of national security, immigration and the character of American society. This was when NIAC emerged as a leader, addressing the difficult issues facing our community.

Since its inception in 2002, NIAC has given the Iranian-American community a powerful voice. NIAC’s sister organization, NIAC Action, was formed in 2015 to ensure our community had the tools to secure peace and to advance the priorities of the Iranian-American community.  Direct and grassroots advocacy work moved to NIAC Action at its founding, while NIAC continues to provide issue analysis, education, and community building activities.

NIAC is funded by the Iranian-American community and prominent American foundations. NIAC does not receive funds from the Iranian government nor the United States government.



NIAC’s Vision

  • Community:  NIAC promotes an active and engaged Iranian-American community in the US and celebrates the community’s deep historical and cultural roots and traditions.
  • Democracy:  NIAC encourages Iranian Americans to contribute to the long tradition of American democracy by being active, informed participants and responsible, engaged citizens. NIAC also supports the Iranian-American community’s aspirations for democracy in Iran.
  • Universal Rights:  NIAC works to ensure that human rights are upheld in Iran and that civil rights are protected in the US. NIAC believes that the principles of universal rights – Freedom of assembly, religion, and speech, as well as dignity, due process and freedom from violence – are the cornerstones of a civil society.


NIAC’s Mission

  • Advocacy: We advance the interests of the Iranian American Community on civic, cultural and political issues.
  • Education: We supply the resources, knowledge and tools to enable civic participation and informed decision making.
  • Community Building: We provide the infrastructure for bridge-building across the network of Iranian American organizations and the peoples of America and Iran.


NIAC’s Core Values

  • Integrity: We take our responsibility to the Iranian American community seriously. We will stand and defend our principles. Integrity is fundamentally interwoven in our core philosophy, advocacy and actions.
  • Pride: We celebrate our rich heritage and our contributions to American life to set an example for future Iranian Americans.
  • Transparency: We are transparent in sharing objectives, sources of funding and positions on issues that count.
  • Leadership: We lead by example and inspire future leaders by delivering tangible results for our community.