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The Diversity Visa: Your Questions Answered
Thousands of individuals selected for diversity visas during the Trump administration were blocked by the Muslim ban and other immigration orders. Now Congress is trying to change that.
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Water Protests in Khuzestan Met with Severe State Crackdown
As Khuzestan enters its seventh day of protests over water shortages, Iranian security forces continue to crackdown on protestors. NIAC denounces these actions and implores the authorities to honor their basic human rights commitments.
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Learn about the inspiring Iranian Americans honored as part of NIAC's first ever 40/40 campaign.
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Press Room

Celebrating Iranian Athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Traditionally for Iran, sports like wrestling and weightlifting are among the country’s proudest traditions and the Summer Olympics present the perfect opportunity for Iranian athletes to show what they can do on the international stage.

Sanders, Murphy, and Lee Seek Major Overhaul of National Security Powers

In January 2020, Iranians and Americans held their collective breath as news broke that President Trump had ordered the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, an unauthorized offensive strike that risked plunging our nations into full-blown war. A few days later, Iran launched a barrage of missiles at two American bases in Iraq, leading to over a hundred traumatic brain injuries for U.S. soldiers sheltering from the barrage. Had one soldier been killed, which was President Trump’s red line, he had threatened a major bombing campaign inside of Iran, including targeting cultural sites – a war crime.

Khamenei Rebukes U.S. Over Vienna Talks

Khamenei rebuked the U.S. for its positions in Vienna, saying it hasn’t taken “one step forward” in the negotiations. Another Iranian official outlined what he said were untenable U.S. positions in Vienna. Meanwhile, protests in sympathy with Khuzestan were held in different parts of Iran, and the parliament is trying to pass a bill further restricting internet access.

Protests Across Khuzestan Over Water Shortage

Protests over a water shortage crisis have erupted across Khuzestan province. Videos on social media show authorities clamping down with force, with several protestors having been confirmed killed. Meanwhile, the Rouhani administration’s spokesperson blames an Iranian law for preventing a deal in Vienna, while another government official blames the United States. Iran is also experiencing another wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths.