June 14, 2009

“Where is My Vote?” chant Iranian Americans in DC

About 300 Iranian Americans rallied today in DC. Chants ranged from “What do we want? Democracy! When do we want it? Now!” to “Students of Iran: we support you!”
About 30 attendees were from the Shah’s camp holding and waving flags with the “Shir-o-Khorshid” (the Lion and the Sun- the symbol of royalty). At first they tried to chant, “Death to the Islamic Revolution,” but they were quickly drowned out by “Neither Shah, nor Ahmadi! Moussavi! Moussavi!” chants from the majority of the demonstrators. And ironically enough, they started to chant “Democracy for Iran!” All the while, holding the quintessential symbol of royalty in their hands.
It was amazing to see so many Iranian Americans take the streets today. Unfortunately, despite the turmoil in Iran, it was disheartening to a few factions try to promote their agenda in a time when we should just try to support the Iranian people.

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