October 13, 2009

Student Unrest at Azad University in Tehran

As cited on Mir Hossein Mousavi Facebook Fan Page:

“For the third consecutive week, today (Oct 13, 2009) more than 2000 students of Tehran’s Azad University held a gathering in protest to the coup government and treatment of student activist. The students we chanting “Death to dictator”, “God is great…”, “Coup government, resign..resign” , “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein” and similar Green slogans in protest. There are reports that around 100 Basiji forces that were brought to the University by two buses violently attacked the students with batons and tear gas and even locked up one of the students in the office of the representative of the Supreme Leader in this university. According to this report the students have been resisting these attacks and have been chanting slogans in university’s lobby and different floors.”

The citation is a brief translation of an article from autnews (Persian).
Here are videos of the unrest at Azad University, contributed to us by reader Jimmy:
More videos of the unrest can be seen here.

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