July 24, 2009

Son of Senior Advisor to Mohsen Rezaie Reportedly Dies in Evin Prison

Mohsen Roh Allamini
According to Kodoom, Mohsen Roh Allamini, the son of Dr. Abdullah Hussein Roh Allamini Najafabadi has died in Evin prison after he was arrested during the Tir 18 (July 9) demonstrations.  Dr. Najafabadi was one of the top advisers to presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaie.  Before that, he was appointed head of the Pastor Institute during Ahmadinejad’s first term.
Dr. Najafabadi family was contacted about the arrest of his son and was told that his son would soon be released, but last night Dr. Najafabadi was informed that his son has passed away while in custody. The cause of death has not been determined yet.
Rezaei is the former commander of the IRGC and secretary of the Expediency Council. While he ran for President against Ahmadinejad, he is considered a loyal adviser to Khamenei.

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