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Casualty of the Riots – Ali, a university student, went to the take a final exam today but ended up in an alley all beat up and bloody after he decided to attend the protests in the Fatemi Square.  His friends found him in back streets near the Fatemi Square where thousands of people gathered to protest the results of the election.  Ali’s family said, “There is not a spot on his body what was not beat including his head and face.”   Ali’s real name has been changed to protect his identity.
Eyewitness – Mina, a resident of Tehran went to a dentist appointment near the Ministry of Interior where she encountered thousands of protesting young people.  She talked to some girls who were crying.  “They said they worked so hard for two months, they where certain Mousavi was going to be elected.”  Mina saw buses full of soldiers and Special Forces with batons and shields who came to crack down on the protests.  “They were pushing people away from the interior ministry.  People who didn’t listen to them were beat up viciously.” She also said “there was a guy who lost consciousness after the police beat him up in the head with a baton.  They took him away.”

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