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July 15, 2009

“The Blood of a Martyr is not Wasted” says Mousavi

Yesterday, Mousavi and his wife visited and offered their condolences and sympathy to the family of Sohrab Araabi, a 19 year-old who was shot to death during the Iranian election aftermath.  A video of this visit was put on Khatami’s Facebook.
During his visit, Mousavi said “The blood of a martyr is not wasted…Sohrab is the symbol of all martyrs in our country.  We know some of them…others are still waiting to be identified by their families.”
“We hope, god willing, with the capability and resistance that our nation demonstrated our children will have a better future, a greener future.”
“Sohrab’s family should know that everyone is sad for them and god willing this movement will continue.  But there is no point of return and we have to move forward stronger and resolve our problems.”
“We have to provide a safer future for our youth and the blood that is being shed is to achieve this goal.”
More videos and photos can be seen on Gooya.

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