October 1, 2009

Mehr News: Next Round of Talks Late October (UPDATED)

Mehr News has published a report from “an informed source” saying taht the P5+1 and Iran have agreed to hold the next round of talks:

The six countries and Iran have reached an agreement to continue the talks held today.
According to Mehr reporting, an informed source close to the Geneva negotiations says: “The participants of the dialogue have agreed to organize the next round of talks between Saeed Jalili, Javier Solana, and the representatives of the six nations at the end of October”
Likewise, all parties have agreed that in preparation for the next round of talks, a roundtable meeting between the deputies of all representatives will occur.

Translation courtesy of the New York Times. Please give credit if you re-post.
Update: US diplomatic sources have confirmed this report about a second round of talks later in October.  Most analysts had agreed coming into the talks this morning that the bare minimum for a successful meeting is an agreed framework for continuing the negotiations.  This (low) bar seems to have been met in today’s talks.
No word yet on whether the P5+1 raised any issues of human rights for discussion.

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