The Pew Research Center has released the results of a study of American opinions about Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions. The study found that 78% of Americans are in favor of tougher sanctions on Iran. However, the study also reported that 56% of people believe that harsher sanctions would not work.
Pew Poll Iran Military
More worrying is that 64% of Americans do not believe direct negotiations with Iran’s government will produce fruitful results. Pessimism about the effectiveness of talks is also evident in the fact that 61% would support “military action” to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
Democrats and Republicans were largely equal in their response to questions regarding sanctions. When asked about their level of familiarity with the issues surrounding Iran’s nuclear program:

41% say they have heard a lot about the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program, while 41% have heard a little and 18% have heard nothing at all.

Interestingly, those numbers do not represent a great change from a 2006 poll about Iran’s nuclear program. In 2006, a similar poll revealed that 41% had heard a lot, 44% a little and 14% nothing.
Pew Poll Iran Negotiations

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