July 15, 2009

Karroubi: “Are bullets the answer to peaceful protests?”

KarroubiAccording to Etemademelli, Karroubi today visited the family of Sohrab Araabi, who was reportedly killed by the basij, to express his sympathy.  Mousavi met with the family yesterday. Karroubi said that he will continue to defend the rights of the injured and arrested individuals.
“People were critical of the election results and wanted to defend their rights with peaceful demonstrations but unfortunately some responded with bullets.”
“I ask the authorities to give answers to families of the injured…there are many families these days who…announce that they have no news about their children.”
In this meeting, Sohrab Araabi’s mother said “[the authorities] contacted me and asked me to go to prison because my son was going to be released, but when I got there I received his body.  Who will take responsibility for this?”
Karroubi was welcomed by Sohrab’s family, and a large crowd who had gathered around Araabi’s house.

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