October 26, 2009

Iranian Troops Arrested Inside Pakistan

Eleven Iranian troops have been arrested inside of Pakistan, on what appears to have been a mission related to the recent Jundallah bombing. According to various news sources, at least three of the troops were Revolutionary Guard officers.
The Iranian soldiers were traveling in two vehicles, which were also seized by Pakistani forces. They were arrested by Pakistani forces “after they shot out the tires of a car driven” by smugglers. Speaking about the episode, a Pakistani official said,

It’s a serious matter…We are investigating why they crossed into our territory.

Iran has stated that the eleven soldiers were actually border guards who unintentionally crossed into Pakistani territory. The Revolutionary Guards Corps has also denied that any of its members were involved in the incident.
What will happen to the eleven detained troops, as well as the nature of Pakistan’s response, is still unclear. If it is true that the troops were on a secret mission against perceived Jundallah elements, it would seem to have been a poorly thought-out decision by the Iranian government considering the recent escalation of tensions between the two countries.

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