June 15, 2020

Al-Monitor: Parliament speaker opens new conservative era in Iranian politics

By Shervin Ghaffari

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed June 10 his Cabinet and spoke about the country’s recent struggles, saying that “the resilience of the Iranian people” and their struggle against the coronavirus pandemic and US sanctions will be “recorded in the history of the country.” While Iran’s recent struggles have yet to be recorded, the new parliament, which began its first session May 27, comes into office at a time of compounding crises.

Amid the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, an economic recession and US sanctions, the power of Iran’s conservative establishment has dramatically increased, setting the stage for a new era of hard-line politics. In a sharp turn to the right, Iran’s legislative body is now dominated by multiple conservatives factions, virtually all of whom campaigned against Rouhani’s administration and his platform of external engagement and internal moderation. Conservative politicians and critics have assailed Rouhani for the Iranian nuclear deal and the US “maximum pressure” campaign.

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