Mousavi’s camp today responded to allegations that conservative media ‘Keyhan’ made yesterday.
Ali Reza Hosseini Beheshti a senior member of Mousavi’s camp and a close personal friend of Mousavi, in an interview with ILNA news indicated that; “establishing a political party is one of Mousavi’s first priorities and the establishment of the party will soon be announced.”
This is a rebuttal to claims made by Keyhan’s chief editor, Hossein Shariatmadari who yesterday stated; “Mousavi’s political ambition and creation of a political party is sinister and controversial. We must blind the eyes of the sinister.”
This kind of rhetoric has been present in the conservative camps for some time now, as many are arguing that creation of a political party by Mousavi is illegal and unlawful and hence should not be granted a permit. However Hamid Reza Follady a member of the Iranian Islamic Parliament and a member of the Article 10 commission which decides creation of national political parties, indicated that “creation of national political parties does not require a permit and in fact Ahmadinejad’s political party does not have a permit either.”

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