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“There is beauty, power, energy, and brilliance in our community and our potential.” - Hoda Katebi

“I encourage you to come out tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that... For Black people, and Latinos, and Trans people, and working-class people... We win when we’re together.” - Hoda Katebi

“The only way that we can eliminate the discriminatory, unconstitutional, unconscionable policies of this administration is for us all to work together.” - Yasmine Taeb 

“I’m sick and tired of other people speaking for our community... we can speak for ourselves.” - Yasmine Taeb

“We need to get over the assumption that assimilation will save us... if we don’t come to grips with our racial history, we won’t be able to overcome this racial history.” - Dr. Sahar Sadeghi 

“We are a community that has persevered, we continue to persevere.” - Dr. Sahar Sadeghi 

“This stuff is serious, but I do believe it is the time to organize and just interrupt things - economic boycotts, political boycotts” - Dr. Sahar Sadeghi  

“There is a difference today than the era in which my parents entered this country… We now have Iranian Americans in the media… These kinds of people inspire me and my work as well and I’m so happy to work alongside them in the media industry to tell authentic stories and combat false narratives that are being advanced against our community” - Yara Elmjouie 

“How do you make a change? You need to build a movement to do so” - Tyler Cullis

“If not now, when? If not us, who?” - Mehdi Hasan

“No Diplomacy was the Bush position with Iraq. No Diplomacy is the Trump position with Iran.” - Mehdi Hasan

 “This is not 2003 and we cannot allow a repeat of 2003... we have the be the ones who are willing to build a movement.” - Mehdi Hasan 

“This summit is about inspiring ourselves and building a movement and making change in two months.” 

- Jamal Abdi, NIAC President