Every time you make an online purchase at Amazon.com, up to 10.5% of your total purchase amount can support NIAC!  Simply use go to https://smile.amazon.com/?&tag=natiiranamerc-20 and write in “National Iranian American Council” as the organization you’d like to support. When you use the link, NIAC will receive 0.5% from Amazon Smile and up to 10% more from Amazon’s affiliate program for each purchase. Don’t forget to bookmark the link so you can support NIAC with every purchase!

In order for NIAC to get credit for your purchase, you must visit Amazon.com using the https://smile.amazon.com/?&tag=natiiranamerc-20 link and add an item to your shopping cart within 24 hours. You must then place the order for the item you add to your shopping cart within the next 89 days.