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Every time you make an online purchase at, up to 15% of your total purchase amount can support NIAC!  That’s right — every book, electronic good, toy, or other item you purchase on can support our work.

Just click on this image to support NIAC as you shop:


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Do I have to buy the items right away in order for my purchase to support NIAC?

In order for NIAC to get credit for your purchase, you must visit through the link on our site (or by using the bookmark method described below) and add an item to your shopping cart within 24 hours.

You must then place the order for the item you add to your shopping cart within the next 89 days.

FAQ: Is there a shortcut?

Yes!  Click on the above link to, and then bookmark (“add to favorites”) that link the site for future visits.  Every time you use that bookmark in the future before you add items to your shopping cart, your purchase will automatically go to support NIAC and our work.  Just make sure the page URL you bookmark looks like this.  Notice that the URL to bookmark includes a variation of our name, “natiiranamerc.”

Amazon URL

FAQ: Is there a catch?

No!  The more you shop through our link, the more support we receive.  And you can maximize your impact by sharing this with your friends and family too!