Tell Congress to Seal the Deal!


November 24 is the extended deadline for nuclear negotiations involving Iran and the U.S. to produce a diplomatic agreement that prevents war and lifts sanctions. If we don’t seal the deal by November 24, we will have missed a historic opportunity for peace and instead be on the path to war. Congress has a vital role to play, but too many of our elected representatives are failing to publicly voice their support for the historic diplomatic talks. Will you take action to convince your Congressperson to step up in support of diplomacy and against war?

seal-the-deal-LEARNWhere do YOUR Representatives and Senators stand on the pro-diplomacy scale? Information is power, so check out their ratings on NIAC’s Congressional scorecard >>


Speak up for diplomacy, and convince your lawmaker to do the same! Together with fellow Iranian Americans in your district, your voice can help shift a Congressional warmonger from hostility to neutrality, or convince a quiet ally to become a vocal advocate. Sign up to join your district’s local action team, participate in a meeting with your lawmaker’s office, and make history >>

seal-the-deal-SIGNSend a letter directly to your Congressperson, urging them to support a November 24 deal. Sign the petition >>