November 3, 2022

Social Toolkit to Call Out Technology Companies

Language for posts on social media:

Sample Post 1 

Iran’s regime is blocking the internet & killing civilians. Iranians fighting back need to get off insecure domestic servers and run VPN through secure platforms.

@awscloud ,@Azure, @googlecloud  and @digitalocean please restore Iranians’ access to cloud & hosting services NOW!

Sample Post 2

Iran’s gov’t is throttling the internet and blocking services that Iranians use to communicate. Internet access and the ability to share & organize in Iran has never been more important.

I urge @Googlecloud @Microsoft @Apple @awscloud & other companies to provide the tools Iranians need NOW. #KeepItOn

Sample Post 3 

U.S. tech companies like @googlecloud, @awscloud, @Apple, & @Microsoft have the license to help Iranians get access to the internet and global communication tools and ARE STILL DENYING THEM ACCESS.

I demand they act now to help Iranians fighting for #WomenLifeFreedom. #KeepitOn

Sample Post 4

One way to support the Iranian people is for tech companies to give Iranians internet communication tools – like VPNS and messaging platforms.

@Google @awscloud @Apple @Microsoft and others, please stop dragging your feet – Iranians need access now!

Post & share this.

Sample Post 4 

Women, Life, and Freedom are more important than profit. I urge @googlecloud @Apple @awscloud @Microsoft and others to protect internet freedom in Iran by expanding internet access for Iranians.

Please post and share this call to action. 

Sample Post 5 

The women and youth of Iran are standing up against a brutal and oppressive government that tracks their every move online. Tech companies must step up and quit blocking them from their services.

Tech companies to act NOW! Post and share this call to action. #KeepitOn

Links you can share: 

> Sign the petition calling on U.S. Big Tech to restore Iranians Internet Access 

> Click to tweet, call out, and @Big Tech companies 

> Read Lawmakers in Congress demanding action from Big tech

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