December 8, 2022

Community Mental Health Resources

At this moment of intense hope and anxiety for our community, being Iranian can feel overwhelming. We’ve compiled this resource for anyone seeking care for their mental health, or the mental health of a loved one.

-> Find Farsi Speaking Therapists 

-> UCSF’s Begoosh Docs – free medical consultation in Farsi for Iranians living in Iran

-> Find Additional Mental Health Resources in Farsi 

-> Check out this Mental Health Resource guide for LGBTQ+ Muslims

Check out Online Therapy Options

LGBTQ+ Therapy

Sobriety and Recovery Resources

Crisis Resources

Find Online Psychiatry Options

Tools for Assisted Meditation

Teen Therapy

NIAC is a grassroots organization made up of thousands of members in cities across the country and we can help our community connect to each other during this challenging time. We have 14 active chapters and our community network is one of our most powerful resources during this time. If you would like to sign up to meet other people and process together please fill out this form.

For any additional questions or suggestions for resources to feature on this page please contact [email protected].

To find actions you can take to support people inside of Iran we encourage you to visit our solidarity page.

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