July 19, 2013

Unprecedented: 131 in Congress Call for New Iran Diplomacy

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The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) released the following statement regarding the Dent-Price letter [PDF] sent by a 131 Members of Congress urging President Obama to reinvigorate Iran diplomacy:

The National Iranian American Council commends Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), Rep. David Price (D-NC), and all of the 131 representatives who signed a bipartisan letter encouraging President Obama to reinvigorate diplomacy with Iran.  

The magnitude of Congressional support for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear standoff is unprecedented. This is by far the loudest call for diplomacy with Iran to ever come from Congress. Representatives Price and Dent deserve particular praise for their vision and leadership.  

The Dent-Price letter is a major signal to President Obama that he has the political space to revitalize diplomacy with Iran, and that his administration can put significant sanctions relief on the table in exchange for Iranian nuclear concessions. 

The letter is also a major signal to the government in Iran that Rouhani’s positive words have delivered a positive response, and that positive action can similarly beget positive action. If Iran is prepared to engage the United States and take steps to verifiably reduce its ability to develop nuclear weapons, there is strong support in Congress for offering proportionate relief from sanctions. 

The letter’s 131 signatories include 17 Republicans, 6 members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and senior members of both Democratic and Republican House leadership.

The Dent-Price letter also follows on the heels of another letter to President Obama, signed by 29 former policymakers, diplomats, military officials, and experts, which calls Rouhani’s election “a major potential opportunity to reinvigorate diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.” 

President-elect Rouhani will be inaugurated on August 3.  Nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 (the five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) are expected to resume after Rouhani finalizes his major national security appointments.

About NIAC

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the interests of the Iranian-American community. NIAC’s mission is focused on promoting an active and engaged Iranian-American community, supporting aspirations for human rights and democracy in Iran, opposing war between the US and Iran, and celebrating our community’s deep cultural heritage.  NIAC accomplishes its mission by supplying the resources, knowledge and tools to enable greater civic participation by Iranian Americans and informed decision-making by policymakers.

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