October 19, 2022

Solidarity Statement with Iranian People from Progressive, Women’s Rights and Anti-War Orgs

Washington, DC – Today, more than three-dozen progressive, women’s rights and anti-war organizations joined the National Iranian American Council in a statement standing with the people of Iran demonstrating for their basic rights and condemning the Iranian government’s outrageous human rights violations intended to silence the Iranian people’s demands.

Please see the statement below:

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October 19, 2022

As US organizations committed to women’s rights and justice across the world, we stand in solidarity with the brave people of Iran, overwhelmingly Iranian women and girls, who are demonstrating for their basic rights and strongly condemn the outrageous, widespread, and systematic human rights violations of the Iranian government seeking to silence the Iranian people’s demands.

Since the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa (Jhina) Amini at the hands of Iran’s so-called morality police, Iranian protesters have bravely demonstrated for an end to the nation’s mandatory hijab laws and broader system of repression. Women’s rights have been the catalyst of these youth-led protests: giving voice and momentum to deeply held grievances of many Iranians that go to the very core of a system that has failed to serve its people, which is why these protests have cut across Iranian society. This injustice is compounded by the reaction of the state to protests, which have been met with internet shutdowns and brutal violence from the Iranian security forces, including beatings, mass arrests and deadly force. More than two hundred have been killed – and that number is likely higher – and thousands have been arrested for voicing their demands and hopes for a brighter future.

We steadfastly support the Iranian people’s demands of “Women, Life, Freedom,” condemn the decades of oppression at the hands of the Iranian authorities and call on them to halt their outrageous violence against peaceful protesters, release all prisoners of conscience and heed the rightful calls of Iranian people for change.


Alliance for Quality Education 

Armenian-American Action Network

Art in Praxis

Brooklyn For Peace

CAIR Washington

Center For Popular Democracy

Class Size Matters

Equality Labs

Evergreen Action

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

Georgia Muslim Voter Project

Greenpeace USA


Integrity First for America

J Street

Jewish Voice for Peace

Justice is Global


Muslim Counterpublics Lab

National Iranian American Council

No Sanctions on Iran

No Separate Justice

Peace Action

Peace Action Bay Ridge

Peace Action Manhattan

Peace Action New York State

Peace Corps Iran Association 

Ploughshares Fund

Progress America 

Queer Crescent 

ReThinking Foreign Policy 

Syracuse Peace Council

The Feminist Front


Upper Hudson Peace Action

UpShift Strategies 

US Water Alliance 


Win Without War

Women Cross DMZ

Women’s March

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