March 15, 2017

NIAC Welcomes Court Order Halting Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0

Contact: Elham Khatami
Phone: 202-386-6325
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Jamal Abdi, Policy Director of the National Iranian American Council, issued the following statement in response to a judge in Hawaii freezing President Trump’s second executive order to bar the issuance of new visas to nationals of Iran and five other Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halting admission of refugees:

“The court’s decision to issue a temporary restraining order barring the latest executive order imposing a Muslim ban is another triumph for American values over discrimination. The Trump administration has now had its attempt to impose a Muslim ban halted by the courts twice. Fortunately, Iranians will once again face a slight reprieve in that the ban will not go into effect tomorrow. Nevertheless, the back and forth struggle has already kept Iranian families apart and imposed turmoil on countless individuals, while doing untold damage to America’s image abroad.”

“We are reassured by Judge Watson’s decision to refuse to stay his restraining order even if the Trump Administration files an emergency appeal. Thus, only a stay from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or Supreme Court would allow the Trump Administration to enforce its Muslim ban while the Hawaii court considers its legality.”

“It is important to recognize that court challenges, including the challenge from NIAC and our partner organizations in the Iranian-American community, will continue for months to come, and that the ultimate outcome is difficult to predict. While we can’t expect President Trump to see the light and withdraw his discriminatory order, Congress must show some spine and stand up for our constitution and democratic principles. The longer Members of Congress stay silent on Trump fulfilling his pledge to ban Muslims, the more emboldened Trump and those behind the ban – like Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions – will become in imposing their radical agenda.”

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