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January 29, 2009

NIAC welcomes appointment of Iranian American Vali Nasr to Obama Administration


Washington DC — The National Iranian American Council welcomes Iranian-American Professor Vali Nasr’s appointment as senior advisor to special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, which he has confirmed to Foreign Policy magazine, and we congratulate Dr. Nasr on his upcoming role in the Obama administration.

Throughout his campaign, election and transition, President Obama made clear his intention to bring change to the way government operates; for those who long to see greater Iranian-American participation at the highest levels of our government, the news of Dr. Nasr’s appointment is truly change we can believe in. 

As a scholar on the Middle East and South Asia, Dr. Nasr has distinguished himself as among the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking experts anywhere.  For the Iranian-American community, his appointment is particularly encouraging because of his proven track record of promoting sound diplomatic strategy regarding Iran, and for his ardent opposition to military confrontation.    

The challenges posed by terrorism and instability in Afghanistan, as well as nuclear proliferation and extremism in Pakistan, cannot be overcome without a comprehensive regional approach; and it is a testament to Dr. Nasr’s vision for resolving such conflicts that President Obama and Ambassador Holbrooke have selected him to serve in this critical capacity.   

The Iranian-American community is encouraged by the opportunity presented by Dr. Nasr’s appointment, and we at NIAC look forward to working with him as America enters a new era of global engagement.




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