August 28, 2008

NIAC Statement on Human Rights in Iran

The National Iranian American Council expresses grave concern about the human rights situation in Iran and urges the government of Iran to respect the internationally recognized rights of its citizens.

As the largest grass-roots organization representing Americans of Iranian descent in the country, NIAC is committed to shedding much needed light on the abuses of the Iranian government against its own people.

As the inheritor of two great cultures – ancient and modern – both built on the culture of human rights, NIAC affirms the universality of human rights and rejects all attempts to disassociate Iranian culture from internationally recognized standards of human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Iran’s disregard for the international treaties it has signed and its deteriorating human rights record is deeply troubling to Iranian Americans and the global community.  NIAC stands with human rights defenders in Iran and around the world and calls on the Iranian government to respect its existing international obligations and to ratify international human rights treaties it has yet to ratify.

NIAC advocates open, constructive, and unrestricted dialogue among all people and institutions that care about improving human rights in Iran and elsewhere.

Through its programs, NIAC encourages discussion and debate on how best to advance human rights in Iran. 

NIAC Articles and Statements on Human Rights in Iran

A selection of NIAC articles featuring prominent coverage of human rights issues or events:

NIAC Condemns Iranian Executions (1/28/10)

NIAC Urges Iranian Government to Abandon the Path of Violence and Oppression (1/14/10)

NIAC calls for Disarmament of Basij Paramilitary to Ensure Security for Iranian Citizens (12/31/09)

Senate, UN Resolutions Condemn Rights Abuses in Iran (12/28/09)

NIAC Strongly Condemns Violence against Iranian Protesters during Ashura (12/27/09)

Amnesty International Releases Report Documenting Iran’s Human Rights Abuses (12/11/2007)

Obama Should End Silence on Human Rights Abuses in Iran (12/7/2009)

Senate Denounces Treatment of Baha’is in Iran (12/2/2009)

NIAC Urges UN Condemnation of Iran Human Rights Violations (11/16/2009)

NIAC Condemns Executions, Recent Human Rights Violations in Iran (10/14/2009)

NIAC Condemns Prison Sentence for Iranian American Scholar (10/22/2009)

NIAC Welcomes US-Iran Talks and the Inclusion of Human Rights (10/02/2009)

NIAC Urges for Human Rights to be Included in Diplomacy with Iran (9/14/2009)

NIAC Condemns ‘Show Trials’ and Campaign of Repression in Iran (8/11/2009)

NIAC’s Membership Speaks Up: Delay Diplomacy, Oppose Broad Sanctions (8/12/2009)

NIAC Memo: The case for a tactical pause with Iran (7/30/2009)

NIAC Calls for the Release of Kian Tajbakhsh, an End to Political Detentions and Abuse (7/13/2009)

Act to Stop the Violence in Iran [Action Alert] (07/2009)

NIAC calls on Iranian Government to end political detentions and violence against protesters (6/29/2009)

NIAC Welcomes Obama’s Strong Condemnation of Violence by Iran’s Government (6/23/2009)

NIAC Memo: What Obama Must Do Now On Iran (6/22/09)

NIAC Calls for New Election in Iran (6/20/09)

NIAC condemns post-election violence (6/16/09)

NIAC Welcomes Release of Imprisoned Iranian-American Journalist (5/11/2009)

NIAC Condemns Iran’s Jailing of Iranian-American Journalist (4/19/2009)

NIAC welcomes Secretary of State’s appeal for missing Americans in Iran (4/2/2009)

NIAC Condemns Incarceration of Iranian-American Journalist (3/2/2009) 

Tehran condemned over stoning executions 1/15/2009

Iran Drawing Attention in the Progressive Caucus  1/13/2009

International organizations condemn Ebadi persecution 1/6/2009

Iran Raids Human Rights Center  12/30/2008

NIAC calls on Iranian authorities to honor the human rights of Esha Momeni  10/31/2008

Iranian-American student arrested in Iran, groups call for release 10/24/2008

UN issues report on Human Rights in Iran, expresses concern over violations 10/23/2008

Iran Backtracks on Vow to Cease Juvenile Executions 10/20/2008

The UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights Condemns Juvenile Executions in Iran 9/5/2008

Iranian Women’s Rights Advocates Score Stunning Victory 9/4/2008

Amnesty International Condemns Iran for Youth Execution  8/21/2008

Amnesty International condemns human violations against Kurds in Iran 8/1/2008

Mass Executions at Evin Prison in Iran 7/28/2008

Iran Human Rights Violations Continue – New Cases of Stoning and Arrests  7/23/2008

Iranian Civil Society Urges US to End “Democracy Fund,” Ease Sanctions  7/16/2008

Iran Sentences Juvenile Offender to Death, Defies International Treaties  6/5/2008

Iranian NGOs to U.S.: “Don’t Send us Money.”  6/2/2008

Human Rights Situation in Iran Continues to Deteriorate, Groups Report  5/22/2008

The NIAC Factbook: The Truth about NIAC 4/3/2008

Panel Spotlights Iran’s Human Rights Violations  3/6/2008

Human Rights and Islam in Iran  2/21/2008

Questions Remain about Iran Democracy Fund  1/24/2008

Experts Discuss Likelihood of Iran Deal  1/24/2008

Dialogue on Islamic Peacemaking: Report on a Mission to Iran  11/29/2007

Smells Like Desperation, Michael Rubin 11/23/2007

Kar: The Mother of Democracy is Freedom of Expression 11/21/2007

Human Rights Watch, Iranian Activists echo NIAC’s stance on $75 million 10/26/2007

WSJ Op-ed Attacks Iranian Americans for Backing Iran’s Leading Democracy Activists 10/19/2007

NIAC in the News: Groups call for cut in US Iran democracy funding  10/12/2007

Groups Urge Congress to Stop Funding Failed Iran “Democracy” Program  10/11/2007

Joint Letter to Congress Requesting Scraping of Flawed “Democracy Funds”  10/11/2007

NIAC Welcomes Release of Iranian Americans  9/5/2007

NIAC Publishes Transcripts and Video of Human Rights Conference on Capitol Hill 8/23/2007

Iran Human Rights Violations, US Policy Criticized at NIAC Conference  8/1/2007

President Wants More Funds for “Democracy Promotion” in Iran 6/28/2007

Congress Debates Need for Change in Democracy Rhetoric Towards Iran, Middle East 6/15/2007

NIAC President Speaks at World Economic Forum 6/14/2007

NIAC Quoted in Time Magazine  6/6/2007

Four Iranian Americans Detained in Iran  5/31/2007

Representatives Moran and Van Hollen Call for Release of Esfandiari  5/31/2007

House committee passes Iran resolutions without debate  5/24/2007

NIAC Memo: Scholars Bear Brunt of Anti-Diplomacy Backlash 5/23/2007

NIAC condemns arrest of Iranian American scholars  5/23/2007

NIAC deplores Tehran’s arrest of Iranian-Americans 5/11/2007

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Condemn Detention of Iranian Women 5/7/2007

Akbar Ganji Favors Nonviolent Resistance to Policies of the Islamic Republic  7/19/2006

Iran Ethnic Minorities Seek US Help to Topple the Iranian Regime  6/6/2006

Dr. Mansour Farhang Addresses Human Rights and Democracy in Iran 3/29/2003


NIAC Human Rights Conference

NIAC Conference (July 26, 2007): “Human Rights In Iran and U.S. Policy Options”

Sponsors: Ploughshares Fund, Pluralism Fund, Kenbe Foundation, and Amnesty International



ImageNIAC Article: Iran Human Rights Violations, US Policy Criticized at NIAC Conference


For full transcript, click here.

For video coverage, click here.





 Prominent Human Rights in Iran Organizations

Organizations influential in promoting human rights in Iran:

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            –Iran Country Page    


International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

            –Homepage of the Campaign

            –Workers’ Rights in Iran

            –Women’s Rights in Iran

            –Academic Freedom Movement




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