December 28, 2017

NIAC Statement on Iran Demonstrations

Washington, D.C. – National Iranian American Council President Trita Parsi issued the following statement:

“Like many, we have been monitoring the situation in Iran very closely and been in touch with people on the ground. We reiterate our call to the Iranian government to uphold its international human rights obligations, including to allow the right to free expression, to respect the dignity and safety of every Iranian and to refrain from violence. Our thoughts are with our families and friends and the peoples of Iran, who we hope are safe.

“As Iranian Americans, we certainly have our own thoughts about these protests and what they may mean. The vast majority of us yearn for an Iranian government that respects the human rights and dignity of Iranians everywhere and democratically represents its people.

“Ultimately, like any other country,  it is up to Iranians living in Iran to decide their country’s destiny. As outside observers we express our solidarity and hopes for the safety of every Iranian. As Iranian Americans we will also work to ensure that neither our government in the U.S., nor others in the region or beyond, undermine the safety of the Iranian people or exploit the current protests for their own benefit.”

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