February 1, 2017

NIAC Statement on Flynn Putting Iran “On Notice”

Contact: Trita Parsi
Phone: 202.386.6325
Email: [email protected]

Washington, DC – Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council issued the following statement regarding National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s statement today:

“National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s statement on Iran today was reckless. While Flynn’s remarks could be construed as simply bluster, they will beget an Iranian response which in turn will beget further threats by the U.S. At some point, this escalatory cycle that started with bluster may end in war. 

“Iran’s missile test was also a needless provocation, particularly given the impulsiveness already on display in the Trump administration. However, it is important to note that Iran’s missile test is not a clear-cut violation of the current UN Security Council Resolution on Iran, and Iran’s nuclear pathways have been blocked thanks to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
“Iran’s influence over the Houthi rebels has also been grossly overstated, as repeatedly confirmed by U.S. intelligence officials. To pin on Iran the recent attack by Houthi rebels against a Saudi vessel only signals a desire for escalation. 

“The United States should not go to war with Iran to defend Saudi Arabia’s reckless war in Yemen, which has undermined U.S. interests, created a humanitarian crisis, and boosted Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.”


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