The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the largest organization of Iranian-Americans in the US, released the following statement in response to ongoing violence in Iran:

The National Iranian American Council strongly condemns the government of Iran’s escalating violence against demonstrators and reiterates its demand that the government cease using lethal force against unarmed protesters and bystanders.

The only plausible way to end the violence is for new elections to be held with independent monitors ensuring its fairness. Such elections would be consistent with the Iranian constitution.

We support President Obama’s decision not to take sides in the disputed election, particularly in the absence of any candidate calling upon him to do so. At the same time, the White House needs to speak vociferously against the bloodshed taking place before our eyes.

While the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy is not new, Iran will never find internal or external balance unless the human rights, will, and needs of its people are met.
Trita Parsi, president of NIAC, said: “If action is not taken now, the violence will consume everyone.”

Dokhi Fassihian, a member of the NIAC board, added: “The Iranian American community and all Iranians in the Diaspora are shocked and devastated by the brutality that has been committed against the Iranian people in the past week. Images being sent out of the country clearly indicate the severity of the situation and demand the world’s attention.”

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