November 19, 2021

NIAC Applauds Immigration Reforms part of Build Back Better Act

Ryan Costello, Policy Director with the National Iranian American Council, released the following statement applauding House passage of the Build Back Better Act. The act includes a series of immigration reforms, including relief for diversity visa winners unjustly blocked by Trump’s discriminatory bans:

“The House deserves credit for passing a bill that will make significant steps to fix the country’s broken immigration system, including long-delayed relief for Diversity Visa recipients unjustly blocked from securing their visas due to Trump’s discriminatory bans. 

“Tens of thousands went from elation at being selected to the diversity visa program, including many who sold their belongings or traveled through war zones to get to visa appointments, to despair when they were told they were ineligible due to Trump’s bans. It is important for the U.S. to right this wrong, which can be achieved if the Senate passes the House version of the Build Back Better Act. We encourage all Senators to act with urgency and finalize this vital bill as it stands, including the provisions providing long awaited relief for diversity visa recipients who were harmed by discriminatory and un-American bans.”

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