January 30, 2023

NIAC Statement on the killing of Tyre Nichols

We are devastated by yet another killing of an unarmed Black man by police, this time 29 year-old Tyre Nichols of Memphis, Tennessee. Nichols – a father to a 4 year-old boy – was pulled over in a traffic stop on January 7th and then brutally beaten by police officers, which led to his hospitalization and tragic death on January 10th. We mourn his loss. Nichols should still be alive and healthy today, but was murdered by a force that is supposed to be dedicated to protecting the public.

We must all stand together against police brutality and for justice, and call out injustice whether it takes place in the United States, Iran or any other country.

The United States holds the promise of being a nation where all are treated equally, regardless of the color of your skin or your background. But the killing of Nichols – like the killing of Keenan Anderson, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and so many others – exposes the inequality, injustice and violence that belies that dream. We stand with the people across the United States continuing to demand justice and equality, and will work toward a day where we can truly say that Black lives matter and are protected in America.


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