July 29, 2015

Joint Statement of Iranian-American Organizations on the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal

Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats * International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran * Iranian Alliances Across Borders * Iranian American Bar Association *
Iranian-American Democrats of San Diego * National Iranian American Council *
Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County* Pars Equality Center *
Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans

As organizations that represent the Iranian-American community, we welcome the news of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed to by the United States, UN powers, and Iran. This historic diplomatic achievement will benefit the American people and the Iranian people alike by taking war off the table and creating the possibility for sustained peace and renewed relations. 

As members of the Iranian-American community, we are proud Americans who are dedicated to our country. We are also proud of our heritage, and many of us visit Iran regularly and maintain strong ties with our friends and family in the country. We are hopeful this deal will open possibilities for greater people-to-people ties between the United States and Iran, including through cultural and educational exchanges. We are also optimistic that this diplomatic breakthrough will help advance economic opportunities for the Iranian people and enable new opportunities to advance human rights in Iran.

Public opinion surveys show that a majority of Iranian Americans and the broader American population alike are supportive of an agreement with Iran designed to place limits on Iran’s nuclear program, and we celebrate this great achievement with them. In the 60 days ahead, we hope Congress will support this historic achievement and avoid any measures that may derail the international agreement, impede U.S. diplomacy, or take this opportunity for peace off the table. 

Iranian Americans congratulate all the parties who have showed the courage and confidence to undertake these negotiations for peacefully resolving the decades-old nuclear dispute. History will look kindly on their efforts.

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