February 28, 2012

California Democratic Party Votes to Oppose War against Iran

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San Diego, CA – The California Democratic Party has taken a stand against war with Iran, voting unanimously to “oppose initiating war against Iran” as part of its platform, which was published today.  The party platform also endorses President Obama’s strategy of using diplomacy to secure more “robust and transparent IAEA inspections of Iran’s nuclear program” to ensure Iran’s nuclear program can only be used for peaceful purposes.

This platform amendment was strongly supported by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and successfully presented to the state party by District 68 delegate, Sunny Zia.  Supporting peaceful solutions to the conflict between the U.S. and Iran and averting a catastrophic war is NIAC’s top priority.  The resolution comes at a time when calls for initiating war against Iran have been dramatically rising, despite the U.S. Intelligence Community’s conclusion that Iran is not currently developing nuclear weapons and has not made a decision to do so.

The text of the platform position is below:

California Democrats support an international policy that will:

Support the President’s efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, using diplomacy, targeted sanctions against the Iranian Government, and by encouraging robust and transparent IAEA inspections of Iran’s nuclear program; oppose initiating war against Iran;





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