As NIAC’s successes have increased, so have the unjustified attacks. This is not unique to our community, in fact, smear attacks have become increasingly common in America- just look at the attacks on Obama and the current health care debate.

What is happening is ominously similar to what has happened in Iran – radical and extremist elements are increasingly dominating the public discourse, while the moderate center gets smeared into silence.

Here at NIAC, of course, we refuse to be silenced.

What has become clear over the course of the past few months is that the lies spread about NIAC are part of a deliberate, systematic and well-organized political campaign.

And NIAC is not the only target. J Street, the Jewish-American group who supports a two-state solution and opposes a US-Iran war, has been targeted by these same elements – right-wing blogs, elements associated with the Mujahedin as well as neo-con lobbyists turned journalists. They have even attacked J Street for working with us.

NIAC is proud to work with Jewish-American organizations like J Street. We share a vision for peace and stability in the Middle East, achieved through diplomacy and not warfare.

So what is the objective of this political campaign against groups like NIAC and J Street?

They want to silence us to undermine Obama’s approach to the Middle East, and ensure a return to neo-conservative Middle East foreign policy.

Certain elements don’t want to see an Iranian-American organization that works withthe White House, presents new ideas on how to resolve conflicts with Iran while supporting the cause of human rights, defends the rights and heritage of Iranian Americans here in America and gives our community the ability to make its concerns heard.

NIAC has taken the Iranian-American community further than any other organization in this field. Our community finally has a voice – and now we must fight to keep it!

Rather than engage with those who are more interested in conflict than in peace, NIAC is announcing our 2010 Truth Out Campaign. NIAC pledges to you, our loyal members, that we will go on the offensive to dispel myths and false accusations against our organization and our community by 2010. Instead of ignoring the defamation against us, we will address and dispel it pro-actively.

We need your support to win this battle for our community! Your generous contributions have brought us to where we are now. At this critical juncture, we ask for your help once again to ensure that our success lasts for the next generation.

We are calling on all you to donate $20.10 to NIAC before November 1. (Click here to donate more). This would generate enough funds to begin a pro-active campaign in 2010 to set the record straight. And remember, it’s tax-deductible!

Without your support, NIAC would never be able to achieve our goals and advance the interests of the Iranian-American community.






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