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NIAC Press Releases

  • 4th Circuit Issues Biggest Blow Yet to Trump’s Muslim Ban May 25, 2017
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shayan Modarres Phone: 202 386-6325 Email: Washington, D.C.  –– The National Iranian American Council issued the following statement in response to the decision today by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the lower court nationwide freeze of President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban: “The National Iranian American ...
  • NIAC Statement on Secretary Kerry’s Sanctions Warning May 24, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    Washington, DC – The National Iranian American Council issued the following statement in response to former Secretary of State John Kerry’s warning to his former Senate Foreign Relations Committee colleagues against proceeding with S. 722, new Iran sanctions legislation scheduled for a mark-up tomorrow morning that would violate the Iran ...
  • NIAC Responds to President Rouhani’s Reelection, Calls on Trump to Choose Diplomacy May 20, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    The Iranian people have delivered a decisive victory for President Hassan Rouhani.
  • MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Experts Available to Discuss Iranian Elections & Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia May 18, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    Experts from the National Iranian American Council are available to discuss tomorrow’s May 19th Iranian elections and their results, as well as Trump’s first trip abroad as President to Saudi Arabia which coincides with the elections. The next week will be vital to determining the future of U.S. policy toward ...

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NIAC in the News

  • Democracy Now: As Iranian Voters Reject Hardliner, Trump Embraces Saudi Monarch & Vows to Isolate Iran May 22, 2017
    NIAC in the News
    This trip is not about fighting terrorism. If it was, we would have actually have seen much, much firmer position by the United States against these funders in Saudi Arabia, who actually also provided the seed funding for ISIS. Instead, all of the focus is on Iran. Why is that? ...
  • Bloomberg: What to Expect From U.S. Policies in the Middle East May 21, 2017
    NIAC in the News
    “There is an effort to move in a direction of isolating Iran once again and confronting Iran”, says Trita Parsi, President of the Iranian American Council. He continued, “we know that diplomacy works… two days ago Iranians overwhelmingly went out and they elected the person who had promised more engagement ...
  • NPR: Muslim-American Thought Leaders React To Trump’s Speech In Saudi Arabia May 21, 2017
    NIAC in the News
    Rather than this being a speech that will be remembered for the call for a new era of peace, it may end up being remembered as the speech that set off a new era of confrontation with Iran, one that was sparked and initiated by Donald Trump at the request ...
  • Mic: Iran Presidential Election: Here’s What We’re Watching May 19, 2017
    NIAC in the News
    Jonah Hull of Al Jazeera reported from Tehran that large crowd numbers at the polls “would tend to favor the moderate reformist side of President Rouhani, and anything less than 60% would spell trouble for him.” But according to a report from the National Iranian American Council, both candidates appear to ...

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