President’s Club

About the President’s Club

The President’s Club is made up of supporters who contribute to NIAC’s annual operating fund, which in turn enables NIAC to meet its highest priority needs: advancing peace & diplomacy, securing equitable immigration policies, and protecting the civil rights of all Americans. While some of NIAC’s work is supported through grants and restricted funded projects, the majority of the resources we need come through individual gifts and contributions via the President’s Club.

It is with your support of the President’s Club that we can continue building a more peaceful, more just, and more democratic world for this generation and for generations to come.

Where does my contribution go?

Your President’s Club contribution goes directly into supporting our general operating budget, which exists to help our organization fight for our highest priority needs. In fiscal year 2022, nearly 50% of our funding comes through the President’s Club, with about 35% from foundations, and the remaining 15% through digital and grass-roots campaigns.

Your contribution will go towards ensuring that NIAC is prepared for any challenges that come our way, at any time.

I’m in! What’s next?

Choose the tier of the President’s Club that you’d like to join from the options below, and follow the link to make your contribution. Existing donors in the 2022 fiscal year will automatically be matched into the program based on their current giving levels.

Can I set up my membership to auto-renew each year? 

Yes! Just check the box that says “Make this contribution: Yearly” at the top of the form to ensure your membership auto-renews annually.

Contributions to the President’s Club are fully tax-deductible.

Please note that effective March 1, 2022, the President’s Club no longer offers benefits tied to a specific gift amount. Rather, the organization will implement a new stewardship program tailored to thank you and show our appreciation to donors at the various giving levels.  

NIAC Outcomes by Giving Level


DOOST (Associate), $100-$499 

  • Fund 1 round of text messages to members through our mass texting tool, for event sign ups, petition signatures, messages to congress, etc. 
  • Place one (1) targeted digital advertisement for NIAC

HAAMI (Partner), $500-$999 

  • Translation of one (1) written piece useful to the Iranian-American community in the U.S.
  • Host one (1) Open Mic Night
  • Host one (1) local Chapter Happy Hour 
  • Host one (1) Team Melli Watch Party

HAMDEL (Senior Partner), $1,000-$2,499 

  • Deliver weekly reports on domestic news and human rights abuses in Iran
  • Host yearly Know Your Rights Legal Panels
  • Graphic design work for one impact report/research paper/white paper/legislation analysis

HAMSAFAR (Premier Partner), $2,500-$4,999 

  • Support Grassroots Organizing: launching phone banks, text banks, petition drives, door knocking
  • Host one (1) Congressional panel
  • Host all Team Melli Watch Parties (or other similar cultural/arts/sports series)


PISHTĀZ (Elite Partner), $5,000-$9,999 

  • Support fundraising infrastructure and training for Iranian-American candidates for office
  • Authoring detailed reports on discriminatory policies towards Iranian Americans and the impacts of sanctions on internet access in Iran. 
  • Defend and protect against cyber-attacks for one month
  • Host Open Mic series

PISHGĀM (President’s Club Champion), $10,000-$24,999

  • Meeting and lobbying policymakers in Congress and the Presidential Administration
  • Host Small Business Series events
  • Host holiday celebrations (Norooz, Yalda, etc.)
  • Coordination to research and launch one local chapter

PISHRO (President’s Club Founders), $25,000+

  • Conduct research to learn more about the Iranian-American community (i.e polling)
  • Sponsor one (1) Congressional fellowship
  • Sponsor one (1) Organizing fellowship

If you have any questions about this change, please reply to this email or contact Sara Hawrami at [email protected] or by phone at (202)386-6325.

With gratitude, 

National Iranian American Council