President’s Club

About the President’s Club

The President’s Club is made up of supporters who contribute to NIAC’s annual operating fund, which in turn enables NIAC to meet its highest priority needs: advancing peace & diplomacy, securing equitable immigration policies, and protecting the civil rights of all Americans. While some of NIAC’s work is supported through grants and ear-marked funded projects, the majority of the resources needed to accomplish our goals come through the President’s Club.

It is with your support of the President’s Club that we can continue building a more peaceful, more just, and more democratic world for this generation and for generations to come.

Where does my contribution go?

Your President’s Club contribution goes directly into our Annual Fund, which exists to help our organization fight for our highest priority needs. With Presidential tweets, unprecedented court rulings, and surprise legislative actions forcing our organization to take on new and unexpected issues, many of the projects and campaigns NIAC works to advance are not funded through our general operating budget. That’s why your contribution will go towards ensuring that NIAC is prepared for any challenges that come our way, at any time.

I’m in! What’s next?

Just choose the tier of the President’s Club that you’d like to join from the options above, and follow the link to make your contribution.

Can I set up my membership to auto-renew each year? 

Yes! Just check the box that says “Make this contribution: Yearly” at the top of the form to ensure your membership auto-renews annually.

Why isn’t my donation fully tax-deductible?

Due to the benefits at each level of President’s Club membership, your donation will not be fully tax-deductible. Please see the tax-deductibility of each level below (you will also see this information in your contribution receipt). If you’d like to make a 100% tax-deductible contribution to the President’s Club, and don’t want to receive the benefits, please email [email protected]. Please refer to the benefits section below for more information on how much is tax deductible. For any other questions, please contact Advancement Associate Keaton Quinn at [email protected]

Associate, $100 ($97 tax deductible)

  • Receive a vote in NIAC’s annual member survey to help set the organization’s agenda
  • Special invitations to bi-annual town hall calls

Partner, $500 ($497 tax deductible)

  • Associate Level Benefits 
  • Advance invitation to NIAC events & conferences

Senior Partner, $1,000 ($882 tax deductible)

  • Partner Level Benefits 
  • Two tickets to special VIP stewardship events
  • One ticket to one of NIAC’s Annual Fundraising Galas

Premier Partner, $2,500 ($2,332 tax deductible)

  • Senior Partner Level Benefits 
  • Two tickets to a private breakfast meeting 
  • Support two students to attend NIAC’s annual conference

Elite Partner, $5,000 ($4,702 tax deductible)

  • Premier Partner Level Benefits 
  • Support two students to attend annual fundraising gala
  • Receive quarterly specially tailored communication from NIAC President 
  • Receive NIAC’s Annual Report
  • Two additional tickets to one of NIAC’s Annual Fundraising Galas

President’s Club Champion, $10,000, ($8,982 tax deductible)

  • Elite Partner Level Benefits 
  • One complimentary table at one of NIAC’s Annual Fundraising Galas
  • NIAC exclusive cultural experience package: includes 2 tickets to cultural events (concerts, special events) and an intimate dinner with the NIAC President