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September 3, 2008

A Few Thoughts from the Convention Floor

We’re here inside the XCel Center listening to the packed lineup of speakers at the RNC, and boy is it a night full of fireworks. One after another, Republican heavyweights are stepping up and knocking one-liners out of the park.

Tonight is shaping up to be about conservatism, hard-hitting politics, and big-time campaigning for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Former Governors Romney and Huckabee backed up their conservative street cred with their speeches, possibly alluding to another presidential run for them both in 2012. Later comes Keynote Speaker Rudy Giuliani and VP nominee Sarah Palin.

But expect most or all of them to hit Sen. Obama hard on his foreign policy inexperience, his recent attacks on Sarah Palin, and his liberalism on important Republican issues like terrorism, energy, and taxes.
The entire convention is waiting to see what the newly-crowned Princess of the Republican Party will bring to the floor. Watching her opening acts, she has a tough act to follow. But the rumor going around from the advanced text of her remarks, she may just be up for the task!

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