Our 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

NIAC 2011 Goals

Welcome back from the holiday break.  As we begin 2011, we at NIAC stopped to reflect upon the years past and brainstorm about the year ahead.  A strong nine years in, we have a lot to be proud of and thankful for. We’ve crossed many roads, jumped many hurdles and we’ve only just begun.

This past year was successful on many fronts, including:

2010 Accomplishments

Check MarkHelped remove sanctions on vital online communication tools like MSN Messenger, Facebook and YouTube to ensure the free flow of information to Iran.

Check MarkBlocked a Congressional resolution green-lighting Israeli strikes on Iran.

Check MarkEffectively opposed and stopped legislation that would bar every Iranian from entering the United States.

Check MarkAdvanced targeted measures against Iranian government human rights abuses.

Check MarkHalted offensive ad campaign that equated all Iranians with Ahmadinejad.

Even with these accomplishments, we know there’s a lot of work that lies ahead.  So, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and, like many of you, decided to create our list of New Year’s Resolutions, which will help guide us as we embark on what promises to be a busy, but productive year.  In 2011 we resolve to:

2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Check MarkContinually listen to and involve our members wherever possible, in order to remain the true grassroots organization that we are and were founded to be.

Check MarkKeep our members and supporters informed about breaking news in the political sphere, through our newsletter, blog and event coverage.

Check MarkContinue to serve as a resource to the Iranian-American community, providing the educational tools, such as workshops and fellowships, which empower our community and enable us to be active members of civic society.

Check MarkStay relevant in an ever-changing political scene through our collaborations and participation in policy-related and political events.

Check MarkTake strategic action to accomplish our organizational goals.

By sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions, and with the continued support of our members, we know our goals can be achieved:

2011 Goals

Check MarkSupport the pro-democracy movement in Iran by blocking renewed efforts for a US-Iran war.

Check MarkObtain a multiple-entry student visa for Iranians to study in the U.S.

Check MarkSecure an independent UN human rights monitor for Iran.

 Check MarkProtect the Persepolis Tablets and other priceless Iranian artifacts from the threat of seizure.

 Check MarkBlock new broad, indiscriminate sanctions that punish ordinary Iranians.




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