NIAC Sets in Motion Its Outreach Campaign in Southern California

Washington, D.C. – The weekend of April 1, 2005 marked the beginning of NIAC’s organized efforts to establish an active presence in Southern California. NIAC President Trita Parsi and Board Member Sean Murphy traveled from Washington D.C. to California to discuss NIAC’s strategy for the region.

Meetings were held through the assistance of NIAC Board members Michael Chegini and Ali Golchin in Irvine and San Diego for NIAC members and prospective members, during which NIAC officers described goals for Southern California.

Recognizing the importance of the region, NIAC seeks to create a staffed local Southern California Chapter with a full-time Director and opportunities for several interns. In order to achieve this goal, NIAC has proposed the creation of a Growth Committee.

The main focus of the Growth Committee will be to recruit members, identify strong candidates for the Southern California Director position, and identify individuals that can raise funds for NIAC’s activities and services in Southern California. Several NIAC members have volunteered for the Growth Committee and its work has already begun.

NIAC’s goals are to extend and customize its programs for Southern California over the next 12 months. Events, including Congressional Breakfasts, workshops and social events are being planned.

Earlier that weekend on April 1st, NIAC held its first Congressional Breakfast in California, when NIAC members of California’s 30th Congressional District met with Congressman Henry Waxman.

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