Iran Sanctions Squeeze Country’s Food Supply
Sanctions are beginning to seriously affect Iran’s ability to import food products.  The All India Rice Exporters’ Association has called on its members to stop exporting rice to Iran on credit after Iranian buyers defaulted on payments for 200,000 tons of rice (Chicago Tribune 02/07).  In addition, Ukraine has stopped selling grain to Iran due to payment difficulties, and Malaysia has similarly stopped providing palm oil (Reuters 02/08). 
Former Israeli Spymaster: Israel Does Not Face Existential Threat
Former director of Mossad, Meir Dagan, maintains that there is no existential threat to Israel, putting him at odds with the country’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, who he has accused of dashing toward a rash military strike on Iran (Washington Post 02/08).

Iran and India Settle Oil Deal Payments
Iran’s envoy in India has reportedly said Iran will accept 45% of crude oil payments in Rupees (RFE/RL 02/08).
MEK Delaying Relocation to Camp Liberty
U.S. officials are urging the designated terror group, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), to relocate to Camp Liberty as part of the deal reached between the group, the UN, and Iraq.  The UN announced in December that the new facility was ready, but no MEK residents have yet relocated to the facility, despite an order from Iraq that they leave their current base, Camp Ashraf (The Cable 02/08).
Notable Opinion:
Iranian Journalist Jason Rezaian takes the pulse of Tehran, and finds an increasing level of despair about the economic situation and growing resentment over sanctions.

The currency crisis is the most recent sign of what may lie ahead and one that poignantly affects the lives of millions of Iranians, as this has become a conspicuously consumptive society that can’t keep up with its own demands. Domestic production has nearly disappeared and imports are getting tougher to come by, with ever tightening trade sanctions placed on Iran by Western powers by the day.

Says small business owner Majid, “I never had a bad thing to say about (U.S. President Barack) Obama until he signed that bill (on Dec. 31.) Now I’m really angry with him. Lots of people feel the same here.”
Another sign that U.S. attempts to win over Iranian hearts and minds are failing.

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