NIAC Elects 4 New Board Members

Washington, DCNIAC Elects 4 New Board Members. Read more about the new board members and NIAC's mission for 2005-2006. The newly elected members of the board are: Mojtaba Akbarzadeh, Dr. Ali Dabiri, Shahri Estakhry, and Dr. Mohamad Navab.

Last month, NIAC elected four new members to its Board of Directors. With six incumbent Board members, who will serve another term, NIAC has ensured continuity while attracting Iranian-American leaders with diverse backgrounds who represent strong Iranian-American communities in Southern California and Atlanta.

Former Board members Michael Chegini and Ladan Manteghi have served the organization commendably and will continue to support the organization through NIAC's Board of Advisors.

This year, NIAC will focus extensively on the Iranian-American community in Southern California, and appropriately, three out of the four new Board members reside in San Diego and Los Angeles. We are proud to present our new leadership, their vision for NIAC, and their goals for the Iranian-American community. See the full NIAC Board


First term Board member, Mojtaba Akbarzadeh, works closely with the Iranian-American community on a daily basis. As co-founder of Pardis Publications and publisher of Pardis monthly magazine and the Iranian Yellow Pages, Mojtaba has become a notable and respected member of the Iranian-American community, both in his home city of Atlanta and nationally.

Since 1992, Mojtaba, through Pardis, has worked to promote cultural and economic relations among the Iranian-American community. Today Pardis reaches over 75,000 Iranian Americans every month.

Mojtaba is also involved in several real-estate development projects in Georgia and upstate New York.

He wants NIAC to continue to help “the Iranian-American Community assimilate to the ways of the American political and civic system.”

“There is no conflict in preserving our traditions and, at the same time, adopting the ways of this wonderful country that we live in. Our community is rich and highly educated and should take every opportunity to be heard in the public and private sectors,” Mojtaba adds.


Another first term Board member Dr. Ali Dabiri comes to NIAC with over thirty years experience as an academic and researcher in the field of mechanical engineering. As the holder of eight patents and author of a Persian language textbook about thermodynamics, Dr. Dabiri is highly respected in his field.

Previously Dr. Dabiri was Chief Scientist in the Applied Science Division for Science Applications International Corp. SAIC, the largest employee-owned research and engineering firm in the U.S. In 2004, he left SAIC to start his own engineering firm Ezadco Technology Systems Inc.

In addition to his contributions to the field of engineering, Dr. Dabiri has also dedicated himself to pursuing philanthropic work. In 2001 he established the Dabiri foundation, a philanthropic organization which funds various educational, agricultural and cultural projects in U.S., Central America and Iran.

Dr. Dabiri is enthusiastic about joining NIAC and wants to see “NIAC continue to be a strong organization in Washington serving the interests of all Iranian Americans.”


With extensive experience in the non-profit sector, and a recognized leader within the Iranian-American community of San Diego, Shahri Estakhry is a welcome addition to NIAC. Shahri was Founder and Chairman of the Iranian-American Scholarship Fund, and has demonstrated a strong commitment to our community’s youth.

Shahri is also committed to promoting cultural awareness within the Iranian-American community. She is co-founder of the Persian Cultural Center of San Diego, served as its chairman for three years, and previously served as editor in chief of its monthly publication, Peyk.

Shahri founded the Iranian School of San Diego, served as Chairman of the San Diego chapter of UNICEF, and is a member of the Association of Iranian-American Professionals.

“I hope as a community we will join our efforts to support and stand behind NIAC. Together we can become a strong force in learning our democratic rights,” Shahri explains.


Dr. Mohamad Navab has been an active NIAC member since its inception. He is one of the nation’s premier cardiologists, with over twenty years of practical, research, and teaching experience at the UCLA School of Medicine’s Division of Cardiology.

Dr. Navab is the recipient of numerous grants and research awards, has authored or co-authored over 100 articles, opinion, and research papers, and is the holder of two patents. He is also a frequent lecturer and guest speaker.

Among the goals Dr. Navab would like NIAC to achieve are broad-scale education of the American lawmakers and media of the achievements and contributions of the Iranian-American community to the United States.

His experience as a board member of the Persian Gulf Task Force and Iranians for International Cooperation, and former President of the Association of Professors and Scholars with Iranian Heritage will help NIAC realize those goals.

“NIAC will continue to collaborate with other Iranian-American organizations to provide civic education to the community,” Dr. Navab concludes.

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