February 18, 2015

Yahoo News: UMass Reverses Decision to Ban Iranian Students From Some Science Courses

Jamal Abdi, policy director for the National Iranian American Council, said the school had misinterpreted the law, which aims to quell the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. “The law Congress enacted put the onus on the State Department to prevent Iranians who were coming to the U.S. to study in fields that would prepare them for the nuclear sector in Iran,” Abdi told Yahoo News. “They do interviews for visas and background checks. The onus is not on the university to handle that. The school has decided to police this on their own.” Apparently, Abdi says, the school had an Iranian student who left the school temporarily and was unable to return because he did not meet the requirements for a student visa, which caused a considerable headache for the school’s top brass.

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