June 16, 2015

The Huffington Post: U.S. Official: Iran Sanctions Could Be Snapped Back Without Approval Of Russia Or China

“Based on what the French ambassador said at the Atlantic event, and based on what the Russians have said is their red line — needing some Security Council process — my interpretation of the tea leaves is that there would be some kind of vote,” said Jamal Abdi. There is still no public indication of whether Iran would agree to a deal in which Russia or China could not veto the reimposition of UN sanctions. “I think that it will be viewed as tolerable. What Iran has really responded with is, ‘If you are so concerned with snap-back of sanctions, we are going to concern ourselves with the snap-back of our nuclear program,’” said Abdi. “It’s about there being an equal playing field so that both sides feel like they have significant incentives to maintain the deal.”

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